Qualification procedure

Procedure for first application for qualification


To submit an initial application for OPQIBI qualification, an engineering contractor must obtain the Application documents.

The procedure for a first qualification application is as follows :

1 - Submit qualification application

Qualification procedure - OPQIBI qualification: the mark of engineering skills

 The original documents must be :

  • duly completed,
  • and submitted with the payment of the investigation expenses,

2 - Acceptability analysis

Acceptability is analysed by the general secretariat in order to:

  • check that the application has been duly completed, and notably that the applicant has clearly and fully stated the qualifications applied for, and also undertakes to comply with the OPQIBI’s code of deontology,
  • check that the structure is permanent and capable of contracting, based on the administrative, legal and financial documents provided.

3 - Registration of application

An acceptability confirmation is then sent to the applicant, specifying the application number assigned and the session date of the qualification committee(s) that will investigate the application, together with an invoice for the investigation expenses.

4 - Investigating the application

One or more investigators from the appropriate qualification committee(s) are appointed by the general secretariat, under the authority of each committee chairman, to analyse the application.

The investigator compares the information given with the qualification criteria defined the by the OPQIBI and relating to the applicant’s identification, resources and references.

In the event of doubt, the investigator can ask the applicant for supplementary information (DRC). If the investigator still has doubts, he can, with the approval of his qualification committee, propose an audit.

During the investigation, a survey is conducted among the applicants customers. This survey concerns the way in which the missions mentioned as references were completed.

5 - Request for supplementary information

The request for supplementary information (DRC) concerns the documents submitted with the application (employees’ CVs, reference certificates, contracts, etc.).

6 - Audit (1)

The audit is conducted with the approval of the applicant, who has to accept the conditions and the date.

Depending on the point to be clarified, the audit may be conducted :

  • either on the applicant’s site (head office or plant),
  • or on the work site (of a reference for example).

An audit report is then drafted.

7 - Investigation report

The investigator drafts an investigation report for the other members of the qualification committee. This report must correspond to his personal conviction. It must be substantiated and clear (positive or negative).

8 - Analysis of the investigation report

The investigation report is analysed by the members of the appropriate qualification committee, with regard to the OPQIBI qualification criteria relating to the applicant’s identification, resources and references.

In the event of doubt, the committee can order an audit before making its decision (even if the investigator has already conducted the interviews or meetings). In this case, the committee appoints an auditor.

9 - Audit (2)

(see 6, above)

10 - Qualification decision

The qualification committee members deliberate (the investigator doesn’t vote) and decide whether to grant the requested qualification(s) or not.

If the decision is positive, then a qualification is granted which may be either :

  • a qualification (granted for 4 years, subject to 3 annual checks),
  • and/or a trial qualification (granted for one year and renewable not more than twice).

If the decision is negative, then the applicant can appeal.

11 – Appeal

An appeal results in a new investigation or in a decision by the higher commission.

12 - Issue of Certificate

When the qualification committees’ decision is favourable, the general secretariat raises the certificate, checks its content and informs the applicant by letter, with a demand for payment of the OPQIBI mark utilisation fees due.

The certificate notably bears :

  • A certificate number
  • The date and period of validity of the certificate (1 year)
  • The qualified structure’s identity card
  • The qualifications or trial qualifications granted with their expiry dates.


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