OPQIBI qualification

Purpose of OPQIBI qualification

The purpose of the qualification granted by the OPQIBI is to acknowledge the skills and professional approach of an engineering services company: Consulting engineers, design departments, engineering companies, etc.

The qualification certifies the ability of the structure to complete a given deliverable to the satisfaction of the customer.


Objectives of the OPQIBI qualification

The main objective of the OPQIBI qualification is to provide security for public and private customers when selecting engineering services companies able to satisfactorily complete their projects.

The qualification is acknowledged by the Public Contracts Law, which specifically mentions qualification certificates as proof of the skills of bidders for contracts, and that may thus be requested or demanded by customers.

Another objective, through its qualifications list, is to structure the engineering services offer.

Dernières Actus

Nouvelle qualification OPQIBI : 19.11 : Audit énergétique «maisons individuelles» pour répondre aux exigences réglementaires du 30 mai 2018

pour répondre aux exigences réglementaires du 30 mai 2018

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Nouvelle qualification OPQIBI en Etude ACV Bâtiments neufs

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Edition d’une nouvelle fiche pratique « Certificats OPQIBI et marchés publics » suite à la réforme 2016 »

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« Résultats de l’enquête OPQIBI 2016 auprès des maitres d’ouvrage publics »

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