Avantages for customers

To identify or select skilled engineering services companies, the customer retains control over the procedures used and the content of the documents submitted.

However, the customer can refer to the OPQIBI qualifications, which provide a decision-making aid and a real instrument of confidence.

Why use OPQIBI qualifications ?

OPQIBI qualifications confirm that a company has the ability to carry out services in those fields of engineering in which it is qualified, and has already carried out such services to the satisfaction of the customers.

The criteria applied for the granting of the qualifications are the same as those adopted for the application procedures :

  • "Identification" criteria (legal, administrative and financial criteria),
  • "Resources" criteria (human, material, methods),
  • "References" criteria (customer satisfaction)

An OPQIBI qualification is granted to an engineering services company:

  • following a voluntary application,
  • by an independent, non-profit making body, accredited by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee),
  • based on a stringent "peer assessment" process, i.e. involving representatives of engineering, customers, institutional and general interest bodies, etc.
  • under the control of the public authorities (protocols with the Ministries of Sustainable Development and Industry). 

How can OPQIBI qualifications be used ?

A public or private sector customer can :

  • use the OPQIBI qualified structures directory to identify qualified structures or to determine whether a structure is qualified and what qualifications it has,
  • stipulate an OPQIBI qualification requirement in its calls for tender. To know which qualifications to demand, the customer should refer to the OPQIBI list of qualification
Download information issued by the qualification authorities on the details of how to use qualification certificates in public contracts.

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