Qualification criteria

The criteria below remain valid irrespective of the qualification applied for. They are defined in the "qualification reference document".

Where applicable, if specific supplementary criteria are required, then these will be defined in the OPQIBI qualifications list.


"Identification" criteria (legal, administrative and financial criteria)

The "identification" criterion ensures that the structure is permanent and is able to fulfil contracts.

This criterion is based on :

  • The structure identification (legal status, revenue trends, personnel, payroll, etc.).
  • Legal obligations met (registered with the mandatory organisations).
  • Financial obligations met (taxes and social contributions fully paid).
  • Insurance cover (full third party cover, etc.).


"Resources" criterion 

The "Resources" criterion provides confirmation that the skills and experience of the applicant’s technical personnel correspond to the qualifications applied for, based on their CVs, diplomas, training certificates, etc.

This criterion also allows the structure’s material resources to be examined.

Where appropriate, a presentation of the methods used may also be demanded. This is then specified in the OPQIBI qualifications list.


"References" criterion

The "references" criterion is based on the presentation

of 3 references for each qualification application :

  • less than 4 years old,
  • certified by customers with which the applicant structure has no direct relationship (financial holding for example),
  • and substantiated by the corresponding contracts or Particular Technical Clauses (or extracts thereof).

A structure that meets these 3 criteria is granted: a qualification certificate.

A structure that only meets the legal, administrative and "resources" criteria is granted: a trial qualification certificate. 

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